Popular directions of medical tourism in Astana named
4 July 2023

What health problems do foreigners most often turn to doctors in the capital for? The president of the Kazakhstan Association of Medical Tourism, Kristina Krivets, answered this question within the framework of the forum of mayors of sister cities “25th anniversary of Astana: Astana – the city of the future.”

“Today, almost all foreign speakers noted that for their compatriots our country occupies a strong place on the map of medical tourism. If we talk about Astana, then this is a cluster of cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, pediatric rehabilitation, reproductive medicine and orthopedics. As we know, these are the strongest directions. In addition, services that are not related to the public sector, such as dentistry and plastic surgery, can be added to the list,” said Christina Krivets at the “Medical Tourism” panel session.

According to her, if previously people came to Kazakhstan for medical services mainly from Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, today the flow of patients from Russia has increased.

“Residents of the neighboring country are attracted by the quality of services, affordable prices and the absence of a language barrier. In addition to tourists from the CIS, Astana is visited by citizens of Switzerland, the USA, Australia, the UAE and African countries. They are interested in the services of Kazakh dentists and reproductive medicine centers,” the expert added.

Representatives of China, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Israel also made presentations at the panel session. According to the general opinion of the speakers, Kazakh clinics attract foreigners due to their documented compliance with international standards and affordable prices for services.