Engagement and trust: Training workshops with international patient experience experts.
6 November 2023

The Astana Development Center together with the Kazakhstan Association of Medical Tourism conducted a series of training seminars on the topic “Conflictology and working with the doubts of a medical tourist.” This important event helped improve the quality of patient care and increase the attractiveness of Kazakhstan in the field of medical tourism.

Medical tourism is an area that is becoming increasingly popular in the global healthcare market. People from different countries seek quality and affordable treatment abroad, and Kazakhstan has become one of the preferred destinations for medical tourism. However, to become a leader in this field, it is necessary not only to have highly qualified medical specialists and modern equipment, but also to be able to effectively interact with patients and resolve possible conflict situations.

It is for this purpose that a series of training seminars for employees of medical organizations were held in the city of Astana on October 17, 18, 20 and 21. The seminars were held on the basis of medical organizations: Hospital of the Medical Center of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, National Center for Neurosurgery and National Scientific Oncology Center. The speaker was an expert invited from St. Petersburg with extensive experience in communications with patients and clients - Dmitry Semenov, who shared his knowledge and practical experience with members of the Kazakhstan Medical Tourism Association.

One of the main topics of the seminar was conflictology. Participants in the training events gained knowledge and skills in conflict resolution, learned how to be effective mediators between patients and medical staff, and gained the ability to act in emergency or tense situations. Developing these skills will improve interactions with medical tourists, reduce the potential for conflict, and increase patient satisfaction with care.

The main emphasis was on working with the doubts of a medical tourist. Medical tourists often experience certain doubts and fears before going to other countries for treatment. They may worry about the quality of health care, lack of understanding of local culture and language, and possible negative consequences. The expert shared techniques for eliminating doubts and creating trust among medical tourists, and also conducted simulations and role-playing games that help develop communication skills and the ability to choose the right words and express your concern for the patient.

As a result of training seminars, employees medical organizations received valuable knowledge and skills in working with conflicts and doubts of medical tourists. This will improve the level of patient service and attract more medical tourists to

country and strengthen Kazakhstan’s position in the global medical tourism market!